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This game was just what I needed today - it has a beautiful theme and low stress writing prompts. I will play this one again! Thank you for writing this!


I enjoyed every minute of playing this game. The prompts are well written and the theme is magical (in so many ways). Highly recommended. I have included a short review on my solo RPG blog 

I just played this today! It was a really fun light game, super quick and sweet. The prompts are a nice combination of specific and broad, and I had fun exploring the little market. I got all the crystals and made two spirit friends :)

Definitely recommend checking this out if you want a warmup or a quick break; it sparks creativity and makes it feel very easy. I bet kids would really enjoy this.

Will more Community Copies be added in the future?

Sure thing, I just added 100 more :) Enjoy!

Thank you so much!

This is a very cute and light-hearted game! This game captures the child-like wonder of exploring a place. The innocence of a child is also written into the card descriptions. The market is wonderfully described and built through the detailed descriptions provided. Each card builds other cards, which builds the excitement to explore the market. The game is very wholesome and fulfilling!

A Day At The Crystal Market is a chill, low-stakes, all-ages rpg about being a child wandering a magical market, buying crystals.

The PDF is 18 pages, with some nice simple illustrations and a laid back atmosphere.

Crystal Market uses the Carta engine for its mechanics, so you play by wandering a game board made of playing cards. Your objectives (the crystals you need to buy) are visible, but everything else is hidden. You *are* on a timer, but 'losing' the game isn't really a loss. The game's energy and voice are similar to a middle grade book. It recognizes that you're (at least playing) a child, and so Crystal Market's losses are experiences to learn from and reflect on, not a punishment for failing to perform at an adequate level.

As far as writing goes, everything in Crystal Market is consistently cozy and charming. The prompts for each card are creative and expand a little bit on the world, but they don't crowd the players imagination, and they always keep things oriented on "what do you do next?"

Overall, if you're looking for an rpg to play with younger kids, this is probably my new top recommendation. I think it'll also be a neat experience for adults who like reminiscence, *and* it's a really good example of a game that feels weighty and meaningful without ever losing its fun. Check it out if you can.

Such a cute game! Relaxing and reflective, with a great balance of prompts for imagining scenes. 

Unfortunately, on my first go I got stuck in the top corner with two clubs blocking me in, but I suppose that's just the luck of the draw. My second run went much better. I'll definitely be playing more in the future, trying to remember the spells available to me. It's such a great little addition to the game that can help shape scenes.

Thanks for sharing such a great game!

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you liked it, and your comments here made my day.

Ofc!! c: